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If you want to earn extra money teaching languages online, this is the page you were looking for.

People who want to learn languages can contact you for online classes on this site.

Table of contents

  1. General Information
  2. How the site works
  3. How do I find students
  4. How I teach language classes
  5. What advantages does this site have
  6. How much money do I make
  7. Conditions of collaboration
  8. What to keep in mind
  9. About us
  10. How to get started

How this site works

hablar2.com is an online platform to learn vocabulary.

Every day thousands of people use our games to memorize words of the language they are learning.

How do I find students

The students find you. If you register on hablar2.com as an online language teacher, your ad will be visible to people who are learning the language you can teach.


This site has a growing number of interactive exercises in a growing number of languages, which your students can use as part of your online classes.

hablar2.com has thousands of users who visit the platform daily, which guarantees that your ad as an online language teacher will be seen by thousands of your potential clients.

How should I teach

You can give classes according to your methods as a teacher. hablar2.com does not intervene in the classes, it only puts supply and demand in contact.

How much money do you earn giving online language classes

Your rates as an online language teacher are determined by you.

The longer you have been promoted by hablar2.com, the more students you will have.

Conditions of collaboration

The rates for hablar2.com are 15% of the value of the classes that the online teacher teaches.

Once teacher and client have agreed on the first class, the sale will be considered solid and an invoice will be sent by email.

Things to keep in mind

Keep in mind that this is a platform in constant transformation, so technology, rates and conditions may change over time.

About us

My name is Daniel, I am from Spain, and for many years I have taught languages. In fact, in 2010 I learned to program so that my students could learn Spanish vocabulary from home in a pleasant way.

hablar2.com is dedicated to helping.

hablar2.com offers you a simple and economical way to find students online so you can teach them languages. Some users will become your students for a few months, others for many years.

I will be happy to welcome you as a new user-teacher!

How to start

Getting started is very easy. You just have to register at hablar2.com. If you are already registered, log in, and in your private space: "CASA", you can complete your profile as a language teacher and upload your ads as an online teacher (in the language of your future students).

Don’t forget to upload your photo as a teacher, so that your potential students can identify you more easily.

It’s that easy!

Teaching materials

Below are teaching materials that can help you teach your online language classes.